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Creators Awhi is a nationwide not-for-profit organisation. We provide children in care with a one-on-one education programme via a visiting 'learning and behaviour specialist’ once a month. Our home-based care programme is available for children aged 0-5 and is free for caregivers. We can also offer assistance in accessing subsidies.


Creators Awhi builds on the 14-year foundation laid by New Zealand home-based education organisation 'Footsteps'. In 2015 we, Creators Educational Trust, acquired Footsteps, and as of April 2016, we changed our name to 'Creators Awhi'. 

Home-based learning

Our learning and behaviour specialists visit each child in their home. We understand how important it is for children to be cared for in a safe and nurturing home environment where they have the opportunity to explore. Learning in the home means there's lots of one-on-one interaction, less exposure to potential illness and greater caregiver peace of mind. 

Child-first learning

Our Creators Awhi programme is personal teaching in action. Our learning and behaviour specialists tailor teaching to each individual child's unique interests. The result is that we spark the child's passion for learning. Through the process of therapeutic play, or ‘theraplay' in a child's home environment, we help to prepare them for the journey to school. 

Connectivity to the community

All our learning and behaviour specialists throughout New Zealand are linked to community services and organisations. This includes health, social and early childhood education services. We can help refer children to appropriate agencies and wraparound services that meet the child's and whanau needs. 

If you'd like to refer or enrol a child, or learn more about Creators Awhi, please contact us today.

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