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Creators Awhi caregivers gain access to four important financial benefits:

  1. Creators Awhi has introduced an incentive voucher programme for caregivers. This allows us to subsidise caregivers 50c per hour for up to 30 hours of care. For one child enrolled full-time this equals $60 monthly! Ask us about this subsidy.
  2. Creators Awhi is approved Work and Income provider and can assist in administering Work and Income Childcare Subsidies.
  3. The Ministry of Education’s 20 Hours ECE (Early Childhood Education) subsidy is accessible through Creators Awhi. This subsidy is available for all children aged three to five who are enrolled with a licensed Ministry Of Education ECE provider such as Creators Awhi.
  4. Creators Awhi is different from many other childcare providers because we do not charge to administer subsidies.

To find out more about these financial benefits, please contact our National Head Office on 0800 CREATORS or click on one of the links below.

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