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During early development, children are constantly learning through observation, exploration and play. That's why in-home education is ideal - children are encouraged to learn while in the safety and comfort of their own home. In-home teaming also provides parents with peace of mind - your child is less likely to be exposed to illness white getting quality, one-on-one interaction. 

Free caregiver support and incentives

The Creators Awhi programme is fully funded by the Ministry of Education, which means it's free to caregivers. Plus, we can offer assistance in accessing subsidies. 

Individualised learning approach

Our Creators Awhi programme is personal teaching in action. We tailor our teaching to each individual child's unique interests. The result is that we spark the child's passion for learning. Through the process of therapeutic play, or 'theraplay' in a child's home environment, we help to prepare them for the journey to school.

On call support

In addition to providing child education. we provide an on call service to support caregivers In areas such as difficult behaviour, attachment issues and developmental concerns within hours of care. Our learning and behaviour specialists are also available to offer support in meetings such as family group conferences. 

Connectivity to the community

All of our teaming and behaviour specialists nationally are professionally linked to community services and organisations. This includes health, social and early childhood education services. We can help refer children to appropriate agencies and wraparound services that meet the child's and whanau needs. 

Caregiver learning & career opportunities

In order to help provide a safe environment for children, we put all of Our caregivers through a child first aid course. We also provide free training and support for caregivers who want to develop a career in home-based childcare. 

Enrol with Creators Awhi

To learn more about the parenting support we provide, read more about what we offer, or take a look at our testimonials to see feedback from other parents. Enrol today to receive tailored in-home education and learning support from Creators Awhi.