Full Day

In Canterbury, Creators@home is made up of an incredible team of home educators, who have a continually growing passion for what they do and create for children daily.
We are spread throughout Canterbury, in warm, and inviting in-home environments. We aim to create a connected, collaborative community for our group of educators and within our care whanau, and we believe in creating spaces for our whanau to contribute to our children's learning.

We are inspired by creating natural, beautiful play spaces, and listening for our children's lead in discovering their passions. We are constantly out in nature, exploring and discovering, whether it just be in the garden or on adventures together. We encourage children to build relationships, reach new skills and develop their individuality. Our children are loved, nurtured and empowered to reach their full potential.

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Here at Creators@home we are passionate about seeing every child’s unique talent being recognized and nurtured. We believe that a child, being nurtured in a home filled with love, surrounded by passionate adults, will be filled with the sense of wonder and joy that will help them flourish through life!

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Our homes are filled with love and wonder. Our intimate and personalised childcare is provided in the homes filled with love and wonder. Place your child with people who become part of the family. Find an Educarer in your region. 

Our people

Kimberley Allwright
Regional Leader - Canterbury

Sophie Brears
Visiting Teacher - Canterbury

Susie Dixon
Visiting Teacher - Canterbury