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Elise Tan

Flagstaff, Hamilton, Waikato

Strong, loving relationships are the foundation for a joyful life. Through reciprocal, respectful relationships between teacher and child, upholding the principle of tuakana teina, they feel safe to live a life of active exploration and problem solving/risk taking to make meaning of the world around them. CHILDREN ARE UNIQUELY CREATED, FULL OF WONDER AND POTENTIAL, CONSTRUCTING THEIR OWN KNOWLEDGEEvery child is a miracle, created uniquely with an extraordinary wealth of inborn abilities and potential, strength and creativity.Therefore they are able to be active contributors in their journey of making sense of this world through relationships and exploration. With Educators recognising and nurturing their individual strengths and interests this provides the child with positive disposition to learning,  which will help to develop them as life long learners.A CULTURE OF INNOVATIVE LEARNING IN THE CLASSROOM WILL PROVIDE A RICH EDUCATION EXPERIENCE FOR TAMARIKI MA IN OUR CARE ​We create a culture of innovative learning in our centre through pedagogical research and implementation of the Reggio Emilia Approach to early childhood education. Staff are carefully selected, ensuring they value the talents and uniqueness of every child, and who see value in creative thinking, creative process, and pedagogical research. We value ongoing learning and professional development for Teachers and the extended community.CHILDREN DESERVE AN ENVIRONMENT FILLED WITH WONDER AND BEAUTY​We see the environment in the classroom as the ‘third teacher.’  Our objective is to provide a beautiful learning environment in the classroom which invites tamariki to explore and interact with the wonder of Creation. This includes providing open-ended materials for children to explore, creating a place where creativity and creative thinking is encouraged and cherished.
By providing children with a wide variety of natural resources and outdoor scenery aids in developing a healthy body, soul and spirit. This provides a rich platform, engaging all the senses, inviting the child to wonder about the world in which they live. We aim to use these real world experiences to either initiate or contribute to learning in the classroom often.
IT IS OUR PRIVILEGE TO RESPECT THE UNIQUE POSITION OF MĀORI AS TANGATA WHENUA IN AOTEAROA/NEW ZEALAND​We encourage an awareness and appreciation of the bi-cultural heritage of our country. We support the Treaty of Waitangi and the use of Te Reo Māori as a living language. We believe this fosters a healthy world view for children forming the basis for an empathetic society.THAT ALL CHILDREN NEED TO BE TREATED WITH LOVE, HONOUR AND RESPECT, LEARNING TO MONITOR THEIR OWN BEHAVIOUR AND GROW TO LOVE THEMSELVES AND OTHERS IN A SAFE, WARM AND SECURE ENVIRONMENT​We believe that children are capable of solving their own conflicts at times, and that adults can model empathetic strategies, language and skills for them to do so. Through doing this, children learn valuable intra and inter-personal skills, allowing them to become confident members of society.IT IS A PRIVILEGE TO PARTNER WITH PARENTS IN RAISING THEIR CHILDREN, AND THEIR EDUCATION AND WELL-BEING IS A SHARED RESPONSIBLITY, UPHOLDING THE PRINCIPLE OF WHANAUNGATANGA​We see parents as partners, both with their child and with the Teachers. We value the ideas and skills that families bring to the learning environment and invite families to participate in the life of the centre's learning community.

Courses I have finished

  • Bachelor of Teaching - ECE
  • First Aid

Activities I provide

  • Community Playgroup -Thursday
  • Outdoors: large grass area, water play, mud play.
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Office details
Region Waikato
Office Flagstaff, Hamilton
Phone 0800 273 286
Email referrals (at) creators.org.nz