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Ruth Close

Ruth Close

Reefton, West Coast

Strong, loving relationships are the foundation for a joyful life. Through reciprocal, respectful relationships between teacher and child, upholding the principle of tuakana teina, they feel safe to live a life of active exploration and problem solving/risk taking to make meaning of the world around them. CHILDREN ARE UNIQUELY CREATED, FULL OF WONDER AND POTENTIAL, CONSTRUCTING THEIR OWN KNOWLEDGEEvery child is a miracle, created uniquely with an extraordinary wealth of inborn abilities and potential, strength and creativity.Therefore they are able to be active contributors in their journey of making sense of this world through relationships and exploration. With Educators recognising and nurturing their individual strengths and interests this provides the child with positive disposition to learning,  which will help to develop them as life long learners.
By providing children with a wide variety of natural resources and outdoor scenery aids in developing a healthy body, soul and spirit. This provides a rich platform, engaging all the senses, inviting the child to wonder about the world in which they live. We aim to use these real world experiences to either initiate or contribute to their learning.

Waiho i te toipoto, kaua i te toiroa.

Let us keep close together, not far apart.

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Region West Coast
Office Reefton
Phone 0800 273 286
Email referrals (at) creators.org.nz