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Saskia Hendriks

Ramarama, Auckland, Auckland

I live on a farm with my family close to Ramarama, South of Auckland. I am married to Glenn and we have 3 children of our own. I have a Graduate Diploma in Teaching, specializing in Early Childhood Education. I love learning and I love to bring this across to the children in my life as there are always ways to learn new things. I believe in the benefits of homebased care. If this cannot be the parents’ home, I am hoping that my home would be a close second. I love that being a homebased educarer allows me to develop stronger bonds with a smaller group of children, who I’ll get to know very well, through observation and planning. I am influenced by the Pikler and Montessori philosophies, which show a lot of respect for the individual child.- following the child’s interest and meeting them where they are, rather than where we think they should be. I believe that children learn best through hands-on experiences and learn by doing. I strongly promote independence, by allowing the children the time to figure things out for themselves. Our home is located at the end of a quiet road up in the hill side. We own a 15 acre farm where we raise cattle and sheep, and have a large outdoor play space.

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