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We have three beautiful early learning centres in the Waikato region, each offering rich environments for learning and discovery.

Our Forest Lake, Waipa and Grandview centres are staffed by passionate Educators who work hand-in-hand with little ones to learn about the world around them.

Each early childhood centre is like a home away from home, full of beauty and love. 

Our Waipa centre features innovative design which encourages beautiful interactions.  Relationships are at the heart here, and children at Waipa join a very special community which supports them to grow in empathy, compassion and creativity.

Our friendly Forest Lake centre sits on the top of a hill overlooking Hamilton City, and is a place of love and learning. We incorporate nature and authentic experiences in all we do, to raise tamariki who embrace the environment and are full of wonder at the beauty of creation.

At our Grandview early education centre, our multicultural community celebrates diversity, relationships and family. Through genuine, heart-felt interactions our loving Educators partner with tamariki and their whānau help children grow, thrive and reach their potential. 

At all our Creators centres, there is a sense of fun and discovery, and there are rich learning opportunities around every corner through play, supported by passionate Educators.

At Creators, we retain that sense of child-like curiosity about the world. Together with our beautiful children we spend our days full of fun and curiosity, solving problems and investigating how the world works. We endeavour to see the world through a child’s eyes, and learn alongside our tamariki. 

Nature and natural resources enable children to interact with the environment and explore the world. We often take nature walks or look to the trees, earth and sky around us for inspiration and learning. At Creators we care about the future of the planet and its citizens – these children. We hope to raise a generation of children who treasure the environment and respect its resources, so they too can become kaitiaki of all that God has created.

At each of our early learning centres, connecting with whānau and the wider community is important – and we value our relationships with parents, grandparents and caregivers. These relationships are nurtured, because these are the hands that will lift each child, to enable them to soar, now and into the future. At Creators centres we hold each child up, in an atmosphere of love, support and collaborative learning – so they can be the best they can be. 


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