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The Nursery 0 to 2 Years

Forest Lake Nursery Outdoor space

Nurture and Care

At Creators, we understand how difficult it can be to leave your precious child in someone else's care. We value the peace, calm and creativity that a beautiful environment brings. We just adore our beautiful babies in our Creators family and here's how we ensure they are receiving the best possible care:

Low adult:child ratios of 1:4 

​​​​In order to have the highest quality of child care we believe it is absolutely essential to have a low adult:child ratio. At Creators we refuse to compromise on the quality of care for our babies and we believe that this requires a 1:4 adult to child ratio. We are proud to have one of the lowest adult:child ratios in the country.​​​

A beautiful environment

We value the peace, calm and creativity that a beautiful environment brings. At Creators, we take great delight in beautifying the environment, and inviting children to play among beautiful things​.

A team approach to Primary Caregiving

This is an important part of providing high quality care for our precious babies. We believe that the most critical part of providing a rich learning environment for babies to thrive in is to have strong, secure relationships. That is why we adopt a team approach to Primary Caregiving in our nursery. 

Each child gets connected with a primary caregiver who holds the responsibility for the overall well-being of the child while they are in our care. As time goes by our babies will form strong relationships with all the adults in our small group of dedicated carers as they develop their sense of belonging in the world.


The Toddlers 2 – 3 years

Forest Lake Toddlers Outdoor Space

Nurture and Care

At Creators Forest Lake, we understand how difficult it can be to leave your precious child in someone else's care. We take a great amount of pride in providing a beautiful, peaceful, environment for your child that can truly become a home away from home. We love growing together with our playful toddlers and we do this through:

Low adult:child ratios of 1:7 

As our children become more independent, continuing to make sense of the world around them, strong relationships form the foundation of a healthy early learning environment.

We have a small, passionate team who works with our toddlers. Having a lower than required ratio, helps to develop deep connections with teachers and children, and the children with each other.

Our under 3 space comes with a dedicated sensory and water studio. This is a ‘yes’ space where our youngest children are able to freely explore the joys of a variety of sensory experiences. 

Empowering learning through inquiry

We believe that children are born with wonder about the world around them. And learning is often most effective and full of joy when it happens in spontaneous moments of inquiry. Our curriculum is formed by the 'wonderings' of our children. We believe in empowering them to ask their own questions, construct their own theories and test these in the classroom. This results in a very rich, complex and joyful early learning experience.

Our teachers are well trained to recognise these wonderings and extend their inquiries further through providing encounters with different places, spaces and materials, whichbroadens their world-view and fosters that internal sense of inquiry and wonder. Every experience we set up for our children is well thought out, with purpose, to bring an authentic learning experience

The Kindergarten 3 to 5 years

Forest Lake Kindergarten Garden

Nurture and Care

At Creators, we understand how difficult it can be to leave your precious child in someone else's care. We take a great amount of pride in providing a beautiful, peaceful, environment for your child that can truly become a home away from home. We are so inspired by our clever Kindergarten kiddies so this is how we create a wondrous learning space for them:

An innovative & responsive approach to learning

It is our desire to foster the natural desire to learn and discover, and provide a curriculum that meets our tamariki ma in their world, discovering what fascinates them, and facilitating their learning in their journey of discovery.​

We achieve this through adopting an inquiry based approach to early learning. This approach makes our classroom a fun and dynamic place, as our teachers are constantly listening, observing and collaborating with tamariki and their whānau to discover their current 'wonderings.'

A strong, passionate team of Educators

Our Kindergarten is staffed by some of the most beautiful and dedicated teachers you will ever meet. With a resolute commitment to provide the highest quality of education their passion for our tamariki ma and learning is evident. All our teachers have been a part of attending work shops on the Reggio Approach, as well as being a part of internal training and self directed study

A dedicated Art Studio (Atelier) and Art teacher (Ateliesta)

We believe that children can learn, express and communicate in a wide variety of ways. This includes being exposed to, and learning to use, a wide variety of materials. Loriz Malguzzi, one of the founding fathers of the Reggio Approach, called this concept The 100 Languages of Children.

In order to equip children with the skills and abilities to become fluent in a material 'language' we have a beautiful, fully equipped Atelier in our Kindergarten. We are also privileged to have a Ateliesta on board, who works with the teacher and children in extending skills and project work within the classroom.